Increased cyber attacks rankle players in Africa

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Deloitte estimates that Kenya lost US$171 million to cybercrime in 2016.


New guidelines on internet infrastructure security have been unveiled amidst continued reports of the ransomware cyber attack. The Internet Society in partnership with the African Union Commission released a new set of Internet Infrastructure Security Guidelines for Africa during the African Internet Summit, which took place in Nairobi 30 May- 2 June. The guidelines will help Africa create a more secure Internet infrastructure and are set to change the
way African Union States approach cyber security preparedness. The guidelines – the first of their kind in Africa – were developed by a multi-stakeholder group of African and global internet infrastructure security experts, and are the first step towards building a more secure Internet in Africa. They will help AU member states strengthen the security of their local Internet infrastructure through actions at a regional, national, ISP/operator and organizational level.
Africa’s cyber security environment faces aunique combination of challenges, including a lack of awareness of the risks involved in using technology. Kenya was ranked the 69th most vulnerable country (out of 127) in the 2015
Deloitte Global Threat Index. Some of the main reasons are: low awareness, under investment, talent shortage and overload of data. Deloitte further estimates that Kenya lost US$171 million to cyber-crime in 2016. “Africa has achieved major strides in developing its Internet Infrastructure in the past decade. However, the Internet won’t provide the aspired benefits unless we can trust it. We have seen from recent experiences that Africa is not immune from cyber-attacks and other security threats. These guidelines, developed in collaboration with the African Union
Commission, will help African countries put in place the necessary measures to increase the security of their Internet infrastructure,” explained Dawit Bekele, Africa Regional Bureau Director for the Internet Society.

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