Women in Real Estate bank on lobby to boost business opportunities and accelerate network growth

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Women in Real Estate (WIRE) hosted an event called Real Talk at the Metta, 14 Riverside Drive, Nairobi. WIRE Real Talk was the premier event in a series of talks designed by WIRE, whose main aim is to bring together women in the built environment for business networking opportunities. The event theme was, How To Scale Up A Business And Grow. Prominent and successful business women were invited to share their stories on growth, challenges and their way forward regarding their businesses.


WIRE consists of over 100 members ranging from Corporates, Professionals, Graduates and Students in 7 defined fields; Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Quantity Survey, Urban Planning, Engineering, Environmental Design Consultants, Construction Project Managers. WIREs core business is to enlighten, stimulate and challenge women entrepreneurs by sharing real life experiences as well as giving pragmatic instances on how to scale up their business and thrive.

The keynote speaker was Renee Ngamau, a Life and Business Strategist and an established lawyer who talked about her observations in Women-run entities following her intensive research during conversations with Women in Business.

The panelists were Joy Mboya CEO of GoDown Arts Center, Lizzie Costabir CEO of BuyRent Kenya, Charity Wanjiku COO, Strauss Energy Limited, Sharon Kiplagat CEO Blue Crest Limited and Chris Odongo an Entrepreneur and Business Eco-system builder at Wylde International.

Joy Mboya said, “The built environment is the arena in which we enact our lives – home life, work and leisure. And an arts center like The GoDown, as part of the urban fabric, is not simply a working space for artists. It is also a cultural anchor and a public space that underscores our identities and enhances our quality of life through the diverse experiences it offers. “If my personal journey as BuyRentKenya CEO is anything to go by, mastering your craft pushes you to exceed your potential.” Lizzie Costabir said.wire3

Sharon Kiplagat CEO Blue Crest Limited also in attendance, mentioned that the secret to success for any business is starting small and always being positive with work. “Find three habits you can cultivate, to make money, to keep you creative and to keep you healthy.” Charity Wanjiku insisted.

Chris Odongo an Entrepreneur and Business Eco-system builder at Wylde International, said that women in business should be treated as normal and relevant in building the economy.

Robyn Emerson, WIRE President took the audience through a real time online survey. “We observed that most women in the sector applaud organisations like WIRE and would like WIRE to; Share opportunities and business connections, help them get insights and tips on development financing, engage with like-minded individuals in the sector and hold more of such talks to enlighten the public interested in the sector. Issues not only unique to businesses in the built environment but also in other sectors.”

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